Monday, February 15, 2016

A super-duper week

Rain --again

So this week there has been a clown in the main street of Quellon that has been selling pig balloons. He also screams at people and then does a Joker laugh. He got the people in front of us and it took me a few minutes to relax. Hate clowns.
We finally got a new iron!! To iron, we were putting the broken one we have over the gas burners on the stove to heat it up. Very inefficient.
I tried to make an Asian stir fry this week. I tried making a soy sauce I saw Elder Watson do: 50% peanut butter and 50% soy sauce. It was horrible. After gagging half of it down, I threw the rest away.
Snap, I’m writing this email super slow in horrible English because Spanish is taking away my native language. I forgot how to say "organization" this week in English.
We cut 4 cubic meters of wood for service.
We talked to a youth in the ward. He said in 2 weeks he has read up into Alma. We were impressed. Then he said he has to read to music to be focused. When I asked him what kind of music he listens to, he told me Wiz Khalifa. I died laughing. The kid was dead serious.
This week, we had a dinner with the family Carrillo Lemus. We ate papas lawancquillina or something like that. Elder Torres cooked it. They made ceviche (crab salad). Seated at the table with 6 people eating DINNER (that hasn’t happened in a while) made me feel like I was with my own family. Haven’t felt that chill in a while. HNO MARIO CAME TO CHURCH!!! TEMPLE! TEMPLE! TEMPLE! TEMPLE!
We passed by Mattias this week. His grandma met us outside and told us he doesn’t want to meet with us anymore. We asked if we could talk to Mattias instead. When we met with him, he confirmed what his grandma said. He said he wants to devote time to studying, family, and other things, and doesn’t want to be limited by what we can’t do. We asked questions and listened sincerely. Turns out he had heard and read some pretty whacked out stuff and we were able to respond to those doubts, answer some questions he had, and then watch the restoration video. Helped him out.
In district council this week, Elder Bliss bore a powerful testimony. I had been feeling lukewarm for a while. That sparked the Spirit in me and confirmed my testimony of the restoration. The next day, I bore that same testimony to Nicol, and I felt the Spirit very strong. The day after that Moises told us he doesn’t believe in what we do, and whipped out some scriptures from the Bible. I didn’t know what to do, or how to respond. But I did know that what I have a testimony about is true. So I bore my testimony. My point is that bearing your testimony has a powerful domino effect. Elder Bliss´ testimony this week helped me throughout the week. Please bear your testimonies.
Yesterday, we were talking with a youth. Something happened in the conversation, and then Elder Torres and the kid burst out laughing. I didn’t understand and thought I said something that was interpreted inappropriately (happens a lot), or that they were laughing at my Spanish (neither of the two). Later we were walking to the church, and a group of 3 teenagers were screaming English words and sentences at me, mocking me. That happens a lot, and it takes a lot to ignore and keep walking. They followed us for about a minute. Elder Torres had it and whipped around and did a contact with them and told them they could practice English with me if they wanted. I felt dumb. I had had it. We got to the chapel and while Elder Torres was in the bathroom, I prayed on my knees and cried like crazy. Sometimes it is super frustrating with the language. I want to build relationships, help others, teach and have others understand, and express myself. Sometimes I feel like the ability to express myself is completely taken away from me, even in prayer because I can’t say everything I want to, and it is such a habit to pray in Spanish that it is now difficult to pray in English. I felt the Spirit confirm to me that God was pleased with me. God knows what He is doing. Tender mercy.
After district meeting this week, I was also feeling overwhelmed on the bus ride home. I was stressed, and struggling with my weaknesses, and trying to be focused on the work. I prayed. I had the strongest feeling come over me that in that exact moment my dad was praying for me. I felt his prayer for me. It helped me.
I know God hears and answers prayers, and our testimonies have a powerful impact on others.

Elder West

Wearing out the soles of his shoes
worn out insoles