Friday, July 24, 2015

I Love My Mission

Hey my people,

Every night my companion and I have a mosquito hunting ritual. We have two fly swatters that we hang on the wall, like a coat of arms. Let's just say we don't get mosquito bites anymore. #professionals

There was a moth in our classroom the size of my palm. HUGE. 
There was also a cockroach two-thirds the size of my pointer finger, just its body. It had big antennas too. 

While we were walking to our class, two parrots were flying down the road, they must not be used to seeing any 6'4” Mexicans because it almost hit me in the head. I had to duck. All of the parrots here are bright green. 

Funny story. We were watching the old Mormon movie called "Legacy," and in it there is a clip of governor Boggs signing the Mormon extermination order, and he was saying how all Mormons need to be driven out and if necessary, killed. Elder Ballard leans over to Elder Boggs and says "Elder Boggs, when you see him in heaven tell him he's stupid." Then Elder Boggs says with a condescending chuckle "He's not going to Heaven." That was hilarious. 

Another funny moment with Elder Boggs. Here at the CCM they serve grapes the size of ping pong balls. They're huge! Someone said something about puffy bunny, and before I know what has happened, Elder Boggs has a plate full of grapes and he's stuffing them into his mouth. Word spreads around the cafeteria, which is what we didn't want. Pretty quickly, all eyes are on Elder Boggs. He fits 17 into his mouth. My back was turned because I was grossed out, and it was funny to see the expressions other people had. Mostly disgust and horror. Anyway, he hits 17, my back is turned, and then I hear him explode. The grapes poured out of his mouth, along with a waterfall of spit, and I could hear them pounding onto his plate. The moment that happened, everyone in the cafeteria went "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" in unison. Just like in the movies, it was great. And then another elder tried to match him. He only got 16 before he exploded because the grapes were flirting with his uvula in the back of his throat. Great times.

I've also had some spiritual times this week. I testify that 2 Nephi 25:23 is true. It is by grace we are saved after all we can do. This also applies in our daily lives. When we do all we can to fix problems, overcome bad habits, get a good score on that test, learn Spanish, live on our own for the first time, follow through with promptings from the spirit that scare us, etc. I testify after we do all we can, that is when the grace of God saves us. When we do our best, God makes up the rest.

This week Presidente Tenorio taught us about specific prayers. From Genesis 24. Lay out the terms for God to answer our prayers, be specific when asking for blessings and how you'd like to be answered, and then watch him work miracles. If it's a legitimate need, then Heavenly Father will answer. I've tried it and I know it works.

I love you all. 

Elder West
Another View from the CCM (missionary training center)

Some cool-looking local currency 

Email just to the family, but we will share it:

Hey! Will you please make a cool binder out of my emails, so I can see them all when I get home? Thanks!
I've dreamed about you all twice.
Please tell Sam Nelson I love and miss him. Please thank Matt and Sherry Forsyth for their kind letter.
I've been craving the Oregon coast and scorching orange Utah sunsets. We don't have either here in Mexico. -smiley face.
I love the hymn "Brightly Beams our Father’s Mercy." Mom, I remember you singing me to sleep with that one when I was a kid, along with a bunch of other hymns that are tender to me. That was the first beginning to my testimony. Thanks. I also love the hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour" in Spanish more than I do in English. The translation is just the best.

I love you all. Choose the right. I pray for you every night, often individually. I pray for what the Spirit gives me to pray for about each one of you. I love you.