Thursday, July 30, 2015

La Gran Epidemia del CCM

"La Gran Epidemia del CCM" translates to "The Grand epidemic of the CCM."

There's been like ebola or something around here. 30 percent of the MTC came down with it. It involves violent diarrhea, vomiting, and a super high fever. All of my district got it except me and Elder Brogdon #immune. On Monday, before 4 pm, my companion went to the bathroom 30 TIMES. Dead serious. And that whole night he was blowing chunks hardcore.

                                  I've seen things.

But anyways, we're all better and we had lots of opportunities for blessings so it was a good experience.

The director of all 15 MTCs came, and he gave a great talk on the change a mission gives you. Like when you lose yourself in helping others change and care more about others. He showed before and after pics from his missionaries when he was a mission president. It was insane. I've been praying for more selfless desires. When we lose our lives in the service of others, we find our own. I already feel a change, I feel happier as I've applied this. Heavenly Father has been answering my prayers to be more concerned about others, and to be selfless. To forget myself. And to turn to Him in gratitude when I'm down, sick, or anything. I've found bliss in this. 

I'm so grateful that the Lord has helped me develop my talent of singing. It's been such a blessing. I'm singing in a quartet now with Elder Ballard, and two other Elders not in our district. Elder Brendon Boren from Lone Peak Chamber choir, and Elder Peterson from Pleasant Grove. We're singing “Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy” in Spanish. I love it. 

In TRC the other day, we taught a lady from "the outside world." Haha. They bring people in for us to teach. She's LDS. Before the lesson we said a prayer for guidance and went for it. The Spirit totally took over. We were guided to testify, that through the Book of Mormon, she can receive answers on how to help her less active or non-member son. That lesson was a Tender Mercy. We're doing missionary work in Mexico too. 

Next week we pack up our stuff to weigh it, find out our flight info on Tuesday, and enjoy our last week here. We leave August 11. Depending on our flight times, I MIGHT, big might, be able to call home at the airport between connecting flights. 

I'll have a better letter for next week. I didn't take notes for what to write about for this week. I love you all. 

2 Nephi 9: 50-52

Until next time,

Elder West.

PS the pics are of my mission, and of all of the guys here from Lone Peak, except Riley Whimpey. He just barely got here.
Missionaries from Lone Peak High School at the CCM
Pointing out home and the Chile Osorno mission on the map at the CCM
Letter to the family (but we are sharing this one also):
I've had more experiences with specific prayers, please use them when you are trying to get answers to your own prayers. The work and I know it. 

One thing I love about my mission is it is so easy to love the Gospel so much more, and especially to love the scriptures. And feel close to the spirit. I'm always bummed when our hour of personal study is over. Spanish is coming along, God helps with that. The elder Holland talk you gave me has helped with that so much. I just have to work, trust, and it comes. There are some low times on the mission, like it's hard, discouraging, and you just want to sit and have a break for a few minutes. But it is an endurance race. Everyone on their missions runs for the same amount of time. I've always had a sprinter mentality. But I'm learning to "run the race set before me with patience." 

I've grown so much. I've learned so much. I've learned things from my companion. For example, I've learned how to get ready in the mornings so much faster, to be more chill, to study more in depth, talk to "talkers" so they don't dominate the conversation, and about how to just be more assertive and openly honest with my feelings about things to others, and not fear how they will take it. I love the Lord. He has helped me learn so much. My patriarchal blessing has also been a massive help to me. I read it when I have low times in my mission, and it splashes perspective all over me. Perspective always brings happiness. And that is why this gospel is a gospel of happiness, because it is a gospel of perspective. 

One thing that has brought me so much joy, is when I meet someone, I think "How can I help change this person’s life?" And then the answers come. Sometimes I feel I need to compliment them, or just be a friend to them, or share something with them. Immersing myself in others is a huge blessing. 

Until next time, this super hard working missionary says goodbye,

Elder West

2 Nephi 32: 3-5

PS I haven't gained weight, and I've never eaten more healthy in my life. #goals

And I snagged some parrot pics. And I'm now district leader. 

Parrot in the trees

Parrots on the grass

Another angle of the wall surrounding the CCM

What the view is outside of that wall