Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 13, Cambios & Such

Elders Lawton & West

Hola! ‘Sup! Que Tal! And other rookie Spanish phrases...
A few weeks ago when we had the world of service activity, there was a baptism right after it in centro. We didn't have time to change. So we went in our hoodies and jeans and I felt really uncomfortable, ha-ha.
Elder Ryan and I were also laughing about how as missionaries we are like that kid no one wants to hang out with.
Some Elders with a really nice house up north barely escaped their house with their lives. It caught on fire and burned down on Sept. 18.
Yesterday, my new trainer, Elder Lawton (hi Lawton family!!), and I talked to a man who was drunk. We shook his hand about 6 times. And he had an ax in his backpack. While we were talking to him, he almost fell over backwards because he was pretty sloshed. That ax would have done some damage to his back.
Yesterday, this super evangelico guy let us in. We talked about God, and he was super open and everything and said how we were inspired to teach the word. We tried to tell him about priesthood authority, but it went nowhere. He said the closing prayer. I closed my eyes and the next thing I new he was standing over us, all 5 ft. something of him, with his arms raised to the heavens, and then he pronounced a very evangelico blessing on us. Pretty cool.
Last week before Elder Ryan left, we tried out running for our exercise time. We can sprint walk everywhere. But after running a hill, I was bent over and open-mouth-fat-guy-breathing and all. Ha-ha Wow, I’ve come a long way since ultimate frisbee season.
This last Sunday, our church attendance was 63!!! Normally, it is about 40. We are working hard, and the members are working through branch council with assignments, and we are seeing some legit growth.
Yesterday on our walking home, after unsuccessfully knocking a lot of doors, Elder Lawton and I sang hymns on our way home. I was choked-up with the Spirit. I loved singing. The words brought me comfort, refreshed perspective, hope, faith, and the Spirit. I felt relaxed. I´m grateful Elder Lawton is willing to sing with me. There is power in the hymns. Elder Lawton is from Utah. His mom is from Central America. He went to a year of BYU before, and I know that the Lord has a lot for me to learn from him. He his super humble and a hard worker. He strongly desires to be obedient. He is a good missionary. He will finish up my training.
Elder Lawton has helped me a lot with stress. This week has been the most stressful of my life. I´m basically like senior companion because I was using the phone, paid the bills, lead the planning sessions, and worked with the members. None of that because I’m great and all, but just because I know the area better. I've done a lot of growing up this week.
Yesterday, we made contact with a guy from England who married a menos activo in our ward. He is super cool. He is super ready to come back to the truth. And he can´t speak Spanish, so we are going to help teach him that. We also just got the info from a girl living here from the US. We will visit her too.

Other than that, I´M AMPED FOR CONFERENCE!!!  I have never been more excited in my life. It is like Christmas. We are going to watch it (hopefully in English) in the church in centro. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet, and the Apostles are literal apostles. I´m super pumped to hear the new apostles too. I think we will have a competition in our house to see who can guess the 3 new ones.
Helaman 3:35 helped me a lot this week. I have been working on humbling myself, because I’m getting humbled again, and I want to help the Lord help me and teach me. And that can only happen if I’m humble. Helaman 3:35 says if I humble myself, and strengthen my faith in Christ, then I am yielding my heart to God which will bring me joy and consolation in any kind of situation I am in. I know that is true.
I love you all! I need your prayers for my stress. I´m praying for you all!!

Elder West
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To the family:
Dad- PMG makes me so happy. You are being blessed for reading it. Keep sharing it with the kids. I’m praying for that. I love Kyle’s games. Allison brings me SO much joy with all of the good decisions she is making. I just learned how to copy and paste. So I’ll hit you up with more stories if I write them to others. How is BYU football? I heard to only send packages through the US postal service. Kevin better keep playing that guitar! I love you!

Mom- that’s way cool that you talked with Abby. She mentioned that and said you are such a great person. Thanks for the updates with the kids. Allison makes me so happy. Sherri is a great manager, actually the greatest. I don’t know about all of the prices for food, but I’m learning. Thanks for all the recipes. I don’t really have time, even on p-days to make it all, but I’m learning more how to cook. Elder Peterson’s comp that lives in the house with me knows how to cook really well, and he has promised to teach me.

Rachel- Congrats with your sports and thanks for the letter to me this week. You are a dang athletic guuuuurl!

Allison- we were safe on the 18th. Thanks for your prayers. We couldn’t feel the earthquake here. Keep being a great example. I like seriously want to cry because of all the good things you are doing. I love you so much and keep it up.

Dad, Wendy sent me a kind email, please thank her. Aunt Katherine too.  Please thank her and tell her that I almost cried with the Spirit when I read that all the dozens of little cousins are praying for me daily.

Love Elder West      
La familia Quintero
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