Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 14, Conference

Eating Nalca Root (a type of Chilean Rhubarb)

After trying nalca

For missionaries, conference is bigger than Christmas. I've never had a more enriching conference experience. And conference made me trunky for all of my conference memories with family, priesthood session, and going to it last April.

Last preparation day we made stir fry. Elder Watson bet me I couldn't eat my whole bowl. Well I put him in his place and he is now washing my dishes for the month of October :).   [Jacob later added that he will never actually require him to do them, since his mom's teachings are to engrained in him].

I ate horse.

After the session of conference where the apostles were announced, we watched the press conference with a question and answer session. A reporter from the Associated Press asked them what the biggest problem was that the Church faced and what they were going to do about it. Then he sat down with a smug, arrogant smile on his face. Then Elder Rasband answered that this is the reason why we have conference, and all the answers are there. It was an answer guided by the Spirit, and it wasn’t contentious.

This Friday we have zone conference with Presidente Obeso. Joel is progressing and Lee came to conference.

I can understand more now. Not everything. But it is only getting better. I’m grateful for what I can say and for what I can understand.

I had the question in my morning study today of how can I be happy even when I need to do something hard. All of the scriptures pointed me to Jesus Christ and how through Him we can have joy in every situation. My invitation to you all is to look to Christ when you want to feel happy. Ponder on His sacrifice, what you can do through His atonement, what blessings we can enjoy because of the atonement, His example, and His love for you. Things will get better. I testify that Jesus Christ is exactly who He said He was: Jesus Christ, YOUR redeemer. He did what he said He would do. And that gift to us is priceless. I testify that He works on a personal level.

Elder West


Dad: in conference with Elder Bradley D Foster and his talk about “I was once your age. I’ll tell you what you might experience. And then I’ll help you through it”, that talk hit me like a load of bricks. I thought about you so much. I. LOVE. YOU. Last letter you talked about maybe hanging back on advice after my mission because I’ll be my own man. But I love you, and I want your advice and help. I’m opening up right now the line for all of your advice. Please let me know what you experienced and how it helped you. I love you.

Mom, Grandma, Allison- thank you for being the kind of women in my life that Elder Nelson talked about.

Mom and Dad- birthday stuff. Chao no más. Anything is good. I just want to hear from each of you individually. Thank you for your prayers. Dad, thank you for playing with the kids even when you are tired. Mom, thank you for sending me the emails about what experiences the family is having. It makes me feel at home. Mom, Dad: I want to charge this with as much emotional energy as possible- the Spirit hit me so hard during conference with gratitude for you both. I am on my knees every morning and evening pleading on behalf of my beloved mother and father and thanking my blessed Father in Heaven-without words strong enough to communicate- for my parents. YOU. ARE. EVERYTHING. TO. ME. I love you. I am blessed above all to call you my parents.

Mom, I just want to cook with you when I get home. I love you so much. Elder Holland’s mother talk is on point. I love you.

Allison- I needed your email last week. Every week I almost cry when I read yours because I’m so happy about the woman you are becoming and the good choices you are making. You are an example to me. In what ways have you seen our family be blessed while I’m serving? I’ve never loved you more Allison than I have while I’m out here. Look up "Trust in the Lord" by Elder Scott. It is a great talk. Family is the most important thing. The Lord has drilled that to my core while I’m out here. I will be different with my relationships when I get back. I’ll put more into them. Before your mission, strengthen them too. I love you so much Allison.

Then the rest of the niños- listen to and obey mom and dad, even when it seems dumb because they know what´s up. Don’t wait until you are on a mission in southern Chile to see that. I love you all. Thank you for your emails. I pray for you. Please be kind to each other and spend time with each other. Laugh together. Go to the park together. Play games together (not video games, I mean the old school kind of games), and cook together.

I love you family!!!!